Scottish Karnataka Sangha is a socio-cultural organisation formed by the people of Karnataka (Indian) origin residing in various cities of Scotland, to promote the kannada – culture tradition and values.

About our Sangha.

We aim to promote, facilitate, organize and participate in cultural, educational, charity and other activities for the benefit of Kannadigas resident in Scotland, and revitalize and revive Indian traditions including, in particular, the Karnataka traditions amongst its members, the future generation and the local community who are interested in Indian culture. We would like to offer support and advice to new entrants from Karnataka to the United Kingdom.

We would like our members to be ambassadors of Karnataka in Scotland, and bridging the gap between East and West and thereby integrating into local communities.

This effort is for youngsters to become an integral part of the Scottish Community and at the same time uphold the culture, tradition, and values of Karnataka and India.

Promote the Kannada language in every possible way.



Jai Karnataka